buying social media followers for your Twitter account for your Instagram even your Facebook likes. I have some experience with it so I was going to get I'm going to give you the lowdown if you call my podcast last week and you know that I was talking about building your social media platform and questions from people on this topic so I guess I missed it in the podcast so. I should address it so.  I figured I would make this video on the dresser for you guys and is it worth it is it worth the money to buy social media followers to buy Twitter followers to buy Instagram followers or Facebook likes how many give you my experience and what .

I did a couple years ago when it was getting really popular a lot of the celebrities and stuff for buying instead of Twitter followers where is where it started I actually purchased myself for 3999 I purchase 10,000 Twitter followers my Twitter account has been up around 38 to 42000 followers now for the last few years and I think. I was always to get into 50000 and I've just not been able to get it there so. I gave up and when they Twitter follower think. I just think I just like I was thrilled by the 10,000 and I'll be there and I'll have met my goal so I'm at 39 99 for a company that sent me an advertisement and I got my $10,000 which put me up around $52,000 and that's the reason why I was stopped but the problem was and here is the drawback the big drawback is none of those accounts are usually really fake account that these people create their thousands of fake accounts just in all it does is inflate your number on your page if you have like 300 people following you and you're supposed to be opposed to be pretty popular out yourself and tell him it's going to delete your number so that's going to look appealing to people when they when they look you up on Twitter that's the only benefit.

I can see to it and here it is again the drawback to that because those accounts are fake accounts they're not real people Twitter monitors does things like that and eventually they will find these fake accounts and when they find these fake accounts they will kill these accounts so what's going to happen is your going to pay 3999 for a 10000 or how many of your followers you want to pay for you can give a hundred and $400 for like a hundred thousand or whatever but the problem is and since they're fake and Twitter finds and kills those accounts your number is going to fly back to what it was before you bought the Twitter followers. I can tell you when I paid for the Twitter followers and mine started diminishing immediately within like the first week I started losing 1500 300. I came in one time $1,500 was gone and then like three thousand and I was like wow I was in like a couple weeks already lost about Josh probably 2,000 of the original so I actually emailed the people that I bought the Twitter followers from like hey what's going on here because it was before I even knew that knew exactly how this work so I emailed on my kız guys like 3999 and all my files are disappearing didn't hear word back they were on to the next the next victim so I learned really quick that and you can buy those followers but you're not going to get to keep him so I would suggest just saving your money and building your social media platform organically you know there are some companies out there that offer would get actual real people that follow you but that's really expensive you're paying like 3999 400 legitimate people to follow you when you can get out there and work your social media platform and get people to follow you legitimately and try to get people in your own genre that you can actually interact with because that's what makes Twitter fun as it's when people that you can actually see their tweets and interact with them and retweet their stuff and you know either so they do the same for you so you know and I know on Facebook like he can you know there's some companies out there that sell real likes you know that I feel like that's real people be careful with that as well because I know a lot of these companies that do that they sell you really people that work there will they have a real Facebook account it's not Bots like Instagram and Twitter it's real people that do have really counts but the problem is as a lot of times these really counts are people that do not reside in this country the United States they're usually in Indonesia or India or China so when they start posting stuff on her business page is is this is what were you by the light is on your business page or your fan page and when they start posting stuff on there it's going to be under a bigger Chinese or something we don't understand so you know that does you no good either you're going to be amazing, it's going all the time so I would suggest buying likes for your Facebook page and there might be something more out there than there was when I did a couple years ago but I really haven't seen it so what I suggest is working hard and that's what it takes to be working hard Facebook fan page watching my podcast are watching.

  • Jul 04, 2016
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