Hello, I'm sure that the most difficult issue of the friends who open a new page on Facebook is currently to increase the number of  Facebook likes and fans. Because now users who reached saturation with thousands of pages, can act very reluctant about liking the new page. It gets hard to endear
Facebook page. Sometimes you can not subservience even you hold bird with your mouth.

I will mention about a few ways which will be useful to you for small scaled pages:

1. Do Regular Sharing

Doing 4-5 sharings everyday that will appeal to everyone and will help them to  share again, after a certain, people who like your page can start to increase. You have to be a little patient and supply continuity.

2- You Can Invite Your friends

You can start inviting your own friends from the pages of your administration panel. Many of your friends may like your page for the sake. This is also a step. Then you can ask your friends to invite their own friends.

3- You Tag Your Acquaintanceship

The another way of making your friends aware of your page is to make tagging in sendings. This method can sometimes be uncomfortable. Therefore, the tagging may be useful to people who might be interested in related sendings.

4- You Can Invite With Fake Account

By opening a new fake account, you can invite people who you add as a friend from there to like the page. When you send out request more than 10 in a day, your account of sending limit of friend may be frozen for a few days. In addition, for example if you have added a university, it is preferable to add people associated with it.

5- You Can Convert Personal Account To The Page

You can convert your fake account which reaches a certain number or your institutional profile account to the page. Thus, all your friends will return as liked.

6- Comment To The Related Pages

You can also catch a certain momentum by making comments relevant to your page name to the sharings of the accounts that you might think that it will be related to your page. But be sure not to be irrelevant and annoying.

7- Swop Link With Another Pages

If there is a page that you know, by sharing each other's page, you can increase the number of both of your fans in a certain amount.

8- Advertise On Facebook

This is the method of increasing the number of fans, press money by advertising on Facebook.You can give advertisement of your page or sendings.

9- Add a Like Button To The Site 

You can also introduce your page by adding like buttons to the bottom of related site and writings.

10- Share not only the link but also interesting contents.

11- Share plenty of photo and video. After a while, you can share even 5-10 videos daily.

12- Introduce from other social networks.

13- Think about what you like.

14- Ask questions that will connect your followers to you. Make a comment.

15- Organize the competitions.

16- Add your Facebook page link to your profiles on other networks.

What Do Facebook Likes Avail?

If your fans are the original and organic;

- It is an indicator of popularity.

- It inculcates trust. It creates perception of  'It's up to people like that ultimately’ 

- More fans mean more visitors for your site.

- It would be useful for SEO.

  • Jun 01, 2016
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