The Methods Of Increasing The Instagram Followers 

Examine the phenomenon, persons who have been successful on Instagram.

Draw lessons from their photos.

No need to rediscover America. To be successful in Instagram, you need to look at the successful accounts and draw lessons from they do. We do not tell exactly mimic them but we recommend that you are aware of what they are doing. How photos are they putting? When are they putting? Which tags are they using?

Search the successful photo filtering programs 

Do you adhere to the Instagram filters? It is very wrong because many of the phenomenons use different filtering programs… There are much more successful filter programs and applications than Instagram. Jone Deep who is the Twitter Phenomenon, emphasizes the importance of filter programs in an interview of Media Academy as follows: “ Instagram was a mediocre program about the color adjustment until the last update. So, I used a program called Snapseed. I have witnessed the great works that revealed by this program. Before it, I tried HDRPro and different programs but I did not use another programs after I recognized the Snapseed. "

Using tag / hashtag has vital importance in order to increase the followers on Instagram. Find the right tags.

To see your photos of other users on Instagram is possible with hashtag, namely by tag. Therefore you have to choose the correct tags. Joon Deep says those, regarding the use of tags. “When I decided to start this work in a professional manner, I saw the importance of using tag. I did the tag combinations. I placed these tags under the photos regularly and I saw an obvious increase in followers."

So, how do you reach the right tags? It also has easy to use, you will follow the  other phenomena and you'll get to sample the tags that they used. There are also data sites where the lists that include the tags which are used most commonly in the world.

Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. 

Integrate your Instagram account with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Thus, you have the opportunity to share your photos automatically to your followers there . This also helps you attract more followers and get more likes to your Instagram account.

Like the photos of other users which you find good and comment them.

By liking the photos of other users, you can get their attention. They can visit your profile and  they can even get to follow you. At this point, making comment to other users can provide you more advantages.

Get a concept of your sharings. Meanwhile, be careful while sharing the personal photos.

Name on "personal photo" is personal. So, if you want to be phenomena with your Instagram account, you need to refrain from sharing personal photos like everyone else does. You should have a concept and subject. You should provide a continuity on certain issues, you must be an expert. Otherwise, your account may not have the personality. This will greatly reduce your number of followers and likes.

Get a story of your photos. The story will strengthen the loyalty of the followers.

You also get a story your photos. Readers know the story of you and your photos. Write story to them with the photos. For example, are you going to the Aegean? Announce this to your followers and say them “ Next week, I will be in front of you with the Aegean photos.” So, people grow wiser  and they will follow and like you in a more curious way.

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To be phenomena on Instagram, let live that moments to your followers.

Good photograph, is a photograph which lets live that moment to your followers. Joon Deep says in this regard: “If you want to reach a specific audience in a short time on Instagram , you need to take simple but better photos without thinking much. It is simple, but it is important to get live the moment in photo and the sense at that moment to the followers. This might be bird in front of the sun. Also, the fisherman who throws mesh.”

Sharing time may seem not important but the phenomenon say the opposite. Wait for the right time to share!

The time of your sharings is a factor that influences your number of likes directly. At this point, you notice that the phenomena do sharing certain times of the day. If you do sharing in the quiet hours of the day, you would have more chance to appear on the follower and tag walls. This will increase the number of likes.

Have a continuity. Do not wait your followers. Put abundant and good photos!

If you put five photos in a day and you do not share the photo next two days, this will have no meaning. Share regular and plenty of photo. So here also, "How much bread, so meatball" principle applies. Joon Deep answers the question how do you increase your number of followers as: I put minimum 4 photos in a day. Of course, these photos were not bad photos. I gave endeavor to take these photos. How much I added more photos, so much I added tags and I reached more people.

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