Increase The Number Of Your Permanent Instagram Followers 

It is not difficult to gain  followers on the popular social network, Instagram. So, what you need to do to increase the number of Instagram followers? Here is advice to gain followers.

Gain followers on social networks, many people have been tried for a long time, but one can not be successful. Especially users think they can gain followers by doing shares with full of  hashtag stack on instagram, while others think by doing irrelevant shares. 

It is not easy for many people to gain followers on Instagram. However, we would like to indicate that it is not hard as you think to gain followers on Instagram. So, what you need to do to gain followers on Instagram? Here is a guide that we have prepared for you with all the details in order to gain permanent mass of followers on Instagram.

Using hashtag is very important on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful social network about hashtag. However, many users think that they can gain permanent followers on Instagram which can be used maximum of up to 30 hashtags by forcing this limit. But, to do this brings temporary followers instead of permanent to the Instagram users. Around 10-15 followers are gained with a share within a few hours. However, about 90% of the mass leave to follow the user after a while. So, how should be  using hashtags in order to gain permanent followers?

First, you should stop to force the limit of 30 units hashtags and you have to pay attention to the use of hashtags related to your sharing. For example,when you share the picture of a beautiful woman, you can use up to 10 hashtags suc as # love, #girl, #woman and #photo#. When you do this, users who follow this kind of content will start to follow you and they will follow you as you continue to share similar content.

Relevant shares

As we mentioned in the results of using hashtag, sharing relevant content is very important. For example, one user who shares the picture of a car  in a day  and the Picture of a woman in a day  can not increase the number of followers in a short time.

However, just a user who shares focused on a particular issue every day, so less time is followed by a number of  Instagram users. Because,  Instagram users  who follow this kind of content  with the use of  relevant hashtag  reach the user who makes sharing and when the relevant shares continued on a regular basis, followers will not stop following the user.

Regular shares

Here we come to one of the most crucial issues. Regular shares. When people follow someone,they are expected to share the content they are interested with their intervals. 

So, doing regular shares is extremely important for you in order not to forget your mass of  followers and not to say "why I began to follow this user months ago."  

Select the appropriate time intervals to yourself  for regular shares.  Such as taking medicine, but not with certain time intervals, for example by specifying the share at 10 o’clock each morning and evening, at 5, bring your photos with your mass of followers.

Using impressive filters

Another important issue on instagram is using impressive filters. Filters and effects applied to photos  are the most important point of sharing. Because a boring  photo can be very lively with the use of several effects and it can be appreciated by people in a short time.

 However, we need to specify that Instagram filter is just not enough in sharing. Because each user can use the Instagram filters. Therefore, use different photo editing application and attract the attention.

  • May 11, 2016
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